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Gabberhead top 100!

The Gabberhead top 100 has started!

A few months ago we asked you to sent your favorite oldschool and new early tracks to us and pffffff....we received a lot of lists. Great tracks we forgot about or made us smile because of recognition and relived memories. Thanks for that!

Not all tracks made it to this top 100 because then we would have to do a top 1000, maybe next year! So, if you didn't sent us a top 10-20 list you still can. We'll love to use them for the next Gabberhead top 100. Send your list to or send us a PM.

In the comments you can find Youtube links to the tracks. Every day at 16.00u we'll be back with the next 10 tracks. Now, let's countdown and today we are starting with numbers 100 till 90. What tracks are your favorite?

#hardcore #early #gabber #gabberhead #oldschool

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