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Collaboration Brutal Force Records and Kowa Music Store

Big news...we are very proud to announce a nice collab with Kowa Music Store!

Check their site and like there facebookpage for support.

Today Brutal Force Records and Kowa Music Store signed the contracts for the start of a new collaboration. Kowa Music Store will on an exclusive basis distribute the new cd of Brutal Force Records (DGTP – Gekkenhuis!). Besides that both parties will also start an collaboration for the new merchandise of Brutal Force Records and their artists. This new merchandise will be developed in the next months and will, as soon as ready, be available at the shop

Danny Rondberg (Brutal Force Records) is happy with the collaboration and has confidence this will be a successful long term relationship. Kowa is a reliable, proud young company with passion for music and their work. This is exactly what Brutal Force Records stands for and by working together we can jointly expand our goals.

Leo Konings and Nick Waltmans (Kowa Music Store) are honored that Brutal Force Records has decided to work together. Definitely this will be the start of a wonderful collaboration and we are looking forward to the results that we will jointly achieve.

For more information about Brutal Force Records:

For more information about Kowa Music Store:

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