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We wish you a brutal 2017!

We wish you all the best for 2017!

2016 was a good year for Brutal Force Records but now its time to take it to the next step. A lot of new hard stuff is coming up so keep posted.

Big thanks to: MD&A, Re-charge Official, Mainstage Maffia, Kostas Archonoise, Kostas Track-killer, The Ctrl, 909 Junkies, Speedmouse, DGTP, Ricky Peroti, Paralizer, Dj Virulenz, The Assassins, Rob Verhoeven, The Destroyer, Marco Rondberg, Dutchman Jack, Gijs de Mik, David Prins, Guido van Zitteren, Pietro Paolo Salamone, Ritchie Koster, Hard Edits

Without you we could not have grown to where we are lets keep making more of these brutal beatz for a loooonnngg time! :)

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